Into The Jungle: Chapter 7

Bailey and Abigail's life went on normally in San Myshuno after their great jungle adventure. Bailey was working, a lot. Abigail took good care of little Dora and familiarized her to all the noises and people in the city. The dog was still skittish and got easily startled, but Abigail's efforts had made her more … Continue reading Into The Jungle: Chapter 7


Into The Jungle: Chapter 6

Abigail and Bailey were heading out to their send-off party. "Did I mention that you look stunning in that outfit I bought for you?" Abby praised. "Yeah, a few times." The party was thrown at the archaeologists' field station. Aside from the group, there were some locals there, including Abigail's fling Javier. Everyone was dancing … Continue reading Into The Jungle: Chapter 6